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We're proud to offer a unique advertising opportunity to New Jersey fishing related businesses. Your advertising dollars will assure the future and growth of We appreciate your support.

Our advertising package is very simple and affordable. We're not looking to retire on the site, just keep it going.

What's included:

Banner: Submit your banner to us and we'll enter it into our banner rotation. There is no limit on how many times your banner can be shown. Current advertisers are having their banners viewed about 1,000 times per day!

Sponsor Guide: Our newest feature is specifically for Charter and Party Boats. It's a quick guide based on your home port. A quick and easy way for visitors of to find your business. Click here to view our current listing.

Front Page Listing: We will create a small banner that will be permanently fixed to the front page to allow every person that visits to see you business.

We ask for an annual fee of $125 plus tax for all the features listed above. Probably the most reasonable, and affordable advertising available to fishing related businesses today.

New Jersey fishermen and the internet work well together! I'm sure you'll agree that we offer an affordable, efficient means of advertising for your business.

Click here to email me info about your business and I will work with you to present the image you need to increase your business.

Should you have any questions regarding our advertising opportunities, feel free to contact me directly at or give us a call at (717)627-4163

Thank you for your interest in!