Disabled Fishermen

Hi, there! My nickname is Old Spook. I am a disabled fisherman and I know there are more of us out there who feel lost because there simply isn't enough for us in the way of places to fish and gear as well as stuff period. So I've been recruited by Walt for the job of gladly informing you regarding this topic.

Here I will discuss reel repair, gear, rods and lure rigs and lure fixits as well as setups for wheel chair information that may help out, links for disabled people. I hope this takes off well, as I'm going all out on this effort to show the world we ARE capable of fishing, etc.

Way too many times I have heard the old bad remarks of "that man shouldn't be here or be on a boat" and have been turned away simply because I was stuck in a chair. Well, I have new for them. We can fish and discrimination should be reported to the harbormaster and the USCG as well if anyone has had a shot in the can like I've gotten before. Now I use two canes when I go out or a chair (which incidently was stolen and I'm presently trying to get another one) for the long hauls. I will also feature how to make a better setup for taking your gear on the chair with you.

Let's start with the links:

Fishing Links and Places for the Disabled Angler with info for people like us…

http://www.basslures.com/pacetec.html West Virginia

http://portland.citysearch.com/E/V/PDXOR/0003/69/50/ Oregon

http://www.capablepartners.com/ Minnesota

http://cheese.channel3000.com/news/stories/news-980713-075813.html Wisconsin

http://volusia.org/parks/disabled.htm Florida

http://www.sea-angler.org/disabled.htm Australia

http://www.projectaccess.com/ New York

http://www.dnr.state.md.us/publiclands/eastern/choptankpier.html Maryland

http://www.mbv.org/infopage.htm Monterey, CA

http://www.conservation.state.mo.us/areas/kcmetro/fishfaci/ Kansas City, MO

http://www.huntersnet.com/non-profit/wsa/ Alabama

http://www.alpha-one.org/resource/rec.htm Maine

http://www.handicapable.net/donation.html Kentucky

http://www.allcapecod.com/accessibility/ Cape Cod, MA

http://www.castforkids.org/ Washington

http://www.oldhamky.com/fhnb/information.html FHNB


http://www.wildlifeforever.org/ Wildlife America and the Handicapped Americans for Conservation

http://www.pva.org/basstrail/index.htm Paralyzed Veterans of America and the B.A.S.S. / P.V.A Trail

http://www.deerhuntinggear.com/operation%20africa/opafrica1.htm International Physically Challenged Sportsman's Assoc.

Other great sources of information and products for the disabled fisherman

Guide to Barrier Free Recreation lists 40 places with facilities for the disabled.

Call (360)902-3000 for your free pamphlet

Don Kreb's Adaptive Recreation Equipment for the Physically Challenged

Can be reached at:

Physically Challenged
2509 East Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Suite 430 
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Products to aid the disabled sportsman can be gotten here:

J.L. Pachner, ltd.
PO Box 93
Zurich, IL 60047

Disabled Outdoors Magazine
5223 South Lorel Ave.
Chicago, IL 60638

A reference circular for the sight impaired with a variety of resources and places is available.

Request pamphlet #83-3 from:

Reference Section National Library
Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Washington D.C. 20542

Get information on the Blind Fishing Tournament at:

Pennsylvania Association for the Blind
566 East Maiden Street
Washington, PA 15301

Disabled Veterans Wilderness Retreat

State Route 1 Box 3420
Eley, MN 55731

Physically Challenged Sportsmens Association

3006 Louisiana Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44109

Electric Reels

Dolphin Electric Reels


Here is a link for electric reels, one of the best I've seen that i recommend
for quality reels with attached power units.  This is a fine company to
check out for all the needs of their product.  You will find many styles that
most fisherpoeple use only with electric power!
Thereby giving a quality product as well to the disabled community.

John Gardi..............................800/717-3716
2819 62nd Ave. E.
Bradenton, FL 34203
Fax: 941/751-4246
Email: electrel@gte.net
Category:Manufacturers - Electric Fishing Reel

Electric Penn Styles!!!


Telephone: 336-273-9101
Postal address:
1700 Sullivan Street
PO Box 20411
Greensboro, NC 27420
Electronic mail: info@elec-tra-mate.com

Precision Auto Reels





Wheelchair Tips

  1. When I went out I had all my gear stowed like this so all I had to do was turn my butt to get my stuff like this: I had a knapsack with Plano boxes full of stuff all sorted out, that was just simply hooked to the back of the chair handles with two simple quick release dog leash style latches so all I had to do was just unhook them and then pull the gear bag on my lap…that simple! This also kept it off my lap from falling all over and was a lot simpler than a tackle box. Although if I had lost my legs I would have mounted it to the foot rests that are usually standard on most chairs simply by using a couple of nuts and bolts or some bungee cords. The other way with bolts might be okay, too.
  2. For a rod holder what I used was a piece of PVC piping I had gotten from the hardware store for a couple bucks. I had enough for two pipes. What I did was use two automotive radiator hose clamps to attach it to the side panel arm just under the pad at the top and through the seat on the bottom. I then could surfcast my heart out with a bottom rig and sit back into my soda pop…no sweat! It worked very well on my old unit with the newer chairs you have to at least use one side panel and arm rest for this to work or you'll have to bungee cord it to the wheel which I didn't care much for at all. I like to be able to move about on the pier a little bit and this was okay in the fact that I could cheat a bit and turn the chair to tighten the line up if the rod tip twitched a bit!
  1. On my other arm rest I had the old style swinging gimbal soda pop can holder, most necessary for fishing! Again I used a hose clamp for a radiator hose to fasten that down. If the pier or walkway was tilted, I wouldn't spill a drop of my beloved Dr. Pepper!
  1. Always have a small bike pump and patch repair kit for those of us whose chairs are tubed tires. One other suggestion…put mountain bike style tires on so you can get around in the dirt a little better.

I hope this helps!

-Old Spook


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